Installation of irrigation systems is carried out using TORO&HUNTER components.

As one of the few companies we provide a 5-year written warranty for the installation of the irrigation system and all of components.

Each of the systems is divided into sections. The number of sections depends on the flow and pressure of the water and the shape of the lawn. Each section is activated by a solenoid valve.

For the system to be fully automatic, a controller is installed that starts watering at a specific time. You can also set watering times per section and select watering frequency (daily or on specific days).

On request, the system can be enriched with a Wi-Fi controller module, which gives the possibility to program the device via free ‘Hydrawise’ application and a web browser. With the built-in Wi-Fi module, you can connect the controller to your home and manage your irrigation from any place on the Earth. An Internet-connected device has the ability to set irrigation based on local weather forecast.