About us

Green White company has been created in 2010 and since then it has been building its experience and trust of its clients.

Who are we?
As Green White, we are a team of passionate and experienced gardeners and landscape architects.

What do we offer?
A complete process of making a garden: from a design to realization. Beyond that: paving, small architecture elements, in- and outdoor cleaning service.

What are we proud of?
Among other things: EURO 2012 flower design; irrigation system design and implementation in one of private houses in Baden Baden.

What do we do?
Currently, we take care of private gardens as well as public spaces, such as: green areas around schools, therapeutic centres, special gardens for people with disabilities.

Whatever kind of green area You need, Green White Team can take care of it.

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Krzysztof Kliks

Company CEO

Green White Team

Krzysztof Kliks


In 2004 I have gained a master’s degree at Poznan’s University. Full of optimism and unconventional ideas I have decided to make my dream come true. I have been an entrepreneur since 2005.
My business adventure started by running florist workshop and working by International Fair Shows, UEFA EURO 2012, Volvo showroom and different wedding galas.
Each experience gave me an extra motivation to going on further. And so, I have taken several trainings and courses, both in Poland and other countries when I got to know secrets of green space arrangement. When I felt ready, I started landscaping company.
Currently, I hire many specialists thanks to whom
I feel every day my dream of doing what I love is coming true.

Karolina Zandecka


In 2018 I graduated from Landscape Architecture at Poznan University of Life Sciences. I am interested in history of gardens and subjects connected to landscape and environment preservation, in which I actively take part in spare time. For me being
a part of a Green White Team is an opportunity for constant growth and self-realization. Thanks to wide range of responsibilities, I can develop many skills. Most of all, I take care of designing of green spaces and a relation with clients. I also take part in a marketing and PR activities.
I knew that landscaping was something I want to do in my work life since I have been a teenager. I was inspired by visiting Gardens of Alhambra in Spain. Since then, I am fascinated by this field: combination of art, architecture, and technical science.
My gateway is sports and topics related to diet therapy. Mountain bike, horseback riding and other activities give my head the rest I need for creating fresh ideas.

Jacek Łakomy


Out of passion to nature I took forestry engineering as major of studies. It gave me an opportunity to admire the beauty of natural habitat and take up technical challenges at the same time. What I value in working for Green White company is a freedom of action, developing new skills and gaining knowledge. All of this make me finish every day of work with a great satisfaction.
In Green White Team I coordinate and supervise realization of designs and while possible I ‘get to the job’ myself.

Petro Kychma


I have been a member of the Green White Team since 2016. Previously, I worked in a paving company as
a foreman. At Green White, I am responsible for the proper implementation of the project. Among other things I perform land leveling, install automatic irrigation systems and, of course, paved surfaces.
I approach each project very conscientiously and keep a constant contact with the client. For me, working at Green White means not only gaining experience and improving my qualifications, but also a lot of satisfaction after completing the job. I take pride in customer content. In that moment I feel I am in in the right place.

Łukasz Dobersztyn


Since childhood, I have been interested in processes and changes that take place in the garden, which is why I studied Horticulture at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan with a specialization in Plant Breeding and Seed Science. I take great pleasure in looking after gardens at all stages of their transformation. In our team, I specialize in taking care of lawns, shrubs, trees and flowerbeds at each moment of their vegetation – both healthy and in diseased. I In case of any doubts regarding care, fertilization, pruning or general conditions of your plant do not hesitate to contact me.