White Zone

In the White Zone we provide specialist cleaning services and cleaning chemicals for everyday use as well as for professional application.

We provide cleaning services for:
private houses,
retail spaces,
bank offices,
pensions and hotels,
sports and recreation objects,

We also clean community housing and buildings after construction or renovation if finished.
What is more, we offer periodic services for schools, kindergartens, such as: washing carpets, mechanical floor cleaning.
We offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals. We mainly serve large companies. Recipients of our products are: cleaning companies, catering companies, hotels. Our products are characterized by the quality of respected brands at a much lower price. We also offer technical support with the purchase of products. We are able to present our chemistry to a large audience and thus assure the quality of our products.

What we offer:

White 200 – universal alcohol based liquid
White 300 – everyday surface cleaning – low foaming, fragrant
White 300 Strong – thorough surface cleaning
White Fireplace – fireplace cleaner
White Oven – oven cleaner
White Grill Strong – burns cleaner
White Active – active oxygen scouring powder
White Outflow – sewer cleaning liquid
White Stone – strong surface decalcifier

White Stone Inox – rinse aid for stainless steel

White Matic – automatic dishwashing detergent
White Rinse – rinsing dishes liquid
White Sani C – acidic liquid for lime and soap deposits removing
White Shampoo Dry – dry foam carpet stain remover
White Shampoo Wet – extraction stain remover
White SR I – carpet stain remover – inorganic soil type
White SR II – carpet stain remover – organic soil type